Saturday, March 30, 2013

Marmalade #3

Rather than finish the brass base of the scuttle, I moved on to the kumquats, partly because I already had enough brass around which to manoeuvre without smudging it; and partly because I wanted to try out a new set of hues. 
The first photo is an assembly of ochres, browns and oranges in Rembrandt and Caran d'Aches sticks, and Derwent and CarbOthello pencils. You can probably make out hues such as Spectrum Orange, Orange Earth, Burnt Sienna, Terracotta etc. (I did add a couple more later to extend the value range)

Contrary to my normal practice, I used the softer pastels first, crosshatching and blending to get a tonal. I then worked into that base with the harder pencils, modifying, hatching, scumbling to create more variety. I have a much greater range of orange tints and shades in Sennelier, but these are really too soft to work into with pencils. I might revert to them at the end, when I do a final assessment. The highlights are very pale lemon yellow, not white. Reflections of the fruit will be re-visited when the brass is completed, the reflection of the porcelain is done, and the background finalised.

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