Sunday, March 17, 2013

Coffee #2 Final

This is at the point where I leave it for a while until I figure out the finishing details - highlights to be emphasised (edges of coffee pods), edges to be lost (and found too - see the right edge of the jug, nearest the coffee mill); at least I know how it will be framed.  
The reflections were basically the same colours as the main objects, but the more greyed versions within the hues. I considered using the original colours for the reflections, spraying that section with fixative, going over them with a very soft neutral grey from Schminke, and then partially blowing off the overcoat with compressed air. But I think I'll experiment with that idea before trying it on an almost finished piece!
Pastel on Clairefontaine's Pastelmat - as usual! 14 x 11 ins (35 x 27.5 cm) unframed.

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  1. This painting was sold at Saint Aulaye, France at the 2013 Salon International de Pastel