Monday, December 10, 2012

Door-Yard Roses 2

This is nearly finished. The photograph was taken in poor light, and slightly enhanced in Photoshop  such that the reds in the roses are too strong; otherwise it is reasonably faithful to the original. The sage leaves were gone over with Sennelier soft pastels and the rosemary was added with pencils and Sennelier. I had another go at the roses, after fixing to get some more tooth -  the paper is Canson Mi-Teintes Touch, which I have used for the first time; it does not take the same extent of overpainting that my usual support -  Clairefontaine Pastel Mat - does. The original is 24 x 16 inches, or 60 x 40 cms.
There is a design, or a compositional element underpinning this painting, in that the eye is meant to be led through a reverse-s pathway, like the shape of the number 2, starting at the roses on top left,  following their trail down to the edge of the large jar, and exiting via the sage leaves. 
“Dooryard Roses”  © Niall O'Neill