Friday, March 30, 2012

Pitcher picture 4

I think I am almost there with the pitcher and hellebore. The background has been filled in, with the shadow to the right - I had to use black to make it stand out from the dark blue and green base colour, but the black (Sennelier Ivory Black)  has been scumbled over the base, so it is not quite as stark as it might otherwise have been, and I have softened the edges of the shadow, although it was quite sharp in reality.
I have moved into soft pastels, using Sennelier and Schminke -  and some Rembrandt both in the background and foreground. There are still refinements to be made before I sign this, but I will frame it with 6 mm spacers separating it from the glass, and no mount, all of which will enhance the effect.


  1. Awesome work here. Such fine detail. I was on your other site dedicated to other great pastellists and think you should definitely post your work there. Speaking of awesome pastel work, I am surprised that you don't have Dianna Ponting and Alicia Sotherland on that site.

  2. Robby, thanks for your generous remarks. I am still feeling my way - aren't we all! I am thinking about making some prints available shortly. Meanwhile, if you go back to you will find Dianna Ponting is listed under her surname on the page "OGILVIE, Susan, to RUSSIN, Bob" and Alicia Sotherland is to be found at "SAFFRO, Cheri, to TYRRELL, Katherine."