Monday, March 12, 2012

Pitcher picture 2

This is stage 2 of the pitcher picture with paint brushes. I have started to introduce some subtle colour into the greys of the undercoat, mostly yellow and gold ochres, but also some olive greens. The brush handles have some ochre, reds and browns. I have also started to block in the background in order to judge the tones. The background is not black - there are darks blues, greens and browns in it.
I changed the position of the front leg of the vessel - it is in fact a little bent in reality, but I thought that it looked like an error on my part, rather than a flaw in the pitcher, so I "fixed" it!


  1. excellent! looking forward to seeing how it develops!

    1. Thanks Kyla - I thought no-one was watching this blog! I'll have more soon - I'm usually working on half-a-dozen pieces at once, both pastels and oils.