Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pitcher picture 1

These two images are the first stages of a still life that I have set up with a small brass pitcher covered with dust and verdigris that I absolutely refuse to polish off!

The first image, with the paintbrushes, shows a selection of greys down along the left side that I chose for the first layer. From the top down, there are seven CarbOthello pencils; then seven Rembrandts; followed by nine Schminke neutral greys from dark to light - they have a distinctly brown tinge compared to the others - useful fro the brass. Then there are six Sennelier and finally three Derwent pencils. Needless to say, the paintbrushes were done with further colours.

I have used the same set of greys for the second image, apart from the hellebore, where I used only Derwent pencils. In fact, both images have made use only of the CarbOthello pencils to this point in the process. The next layer will introduce more colour - probably the Schminke, but by no means confined to these.

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