Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Coffee in style

I found an interesting porcelain and silver ewer at a brocante in France and teamed it up with a coffee-mill that had similar white porcelain with blue flowers. The lace worked as a traycloth.
I started off with a pencil scribble.

Then I filled in the interior of the coffee-mill with Sennelier neutral greys, and the exterior with Rembrandt light greys. The wooden box, and the handle,  were mainly painted with CarbOthello pencils.

For the ewer, the silver top and the base were a mix of Rembrandts, and CarbOthello pencils 704, 708 and 728 - I found number 704 especially useful. 

The blue markings on the porcelain were a mixture of dark blues from Sennelier 465; CarbOthello pencils 770, 400 and 430; and Derwent pencils ultramarine 29D and 29 F. 

The porcelain itself was mainly Rembrandt light greys, with some petit-Roché neutral-pale tones. But I mostly kept the Rochés for the lace, with Sennelier neutral greys too, mostly in the shadows.

I started the background with Sennelier dark blue 177.  

Backgound continued with Sennelier dark blue 463 at the bottom with an overlay of Sennelier green 156. White was reserved exclusively for the highlights.
Coffee in Style, pastel on Pastelmat, 50 x 60 cms.
Coffee in Style © Niall O'Neill

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