Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tang Horse

These are the progress shots of the ceramic Tang horse I painted last spring. The sketch outlines the positioning of the figure, the vase and the spray of clematis.

Happy with the layout, I start to lay in the underpainting with hard pastels.

The basic elements are starting to take shape - and, just as important, to realise their values.

These values are thrown into relief by the laying in of the background, which  allows me better to judge the contrasts.

More work on the cloisonné vase, and the texture of the horse. At this point I have moved on to soft pastels. In the clematis, the range of neutrals and declension of values in the Blue Earth quinacridone pink proved invaluable.

Further detail on all aspects, still working left to right and top down.

Tang Horse ©  Niall O'Neill

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