Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ellen Eagle: Pastel Painting Atelier

A new book on painting in pastels is always a welcome event in publishing. It is even more welcome when the book is by somebody who is as thoroughly versed in their art - and craft - as Ellen Eagle. (You can find out more about Ellen on my blog artistsinpastel.com)
Ellen's new book is called Pastel Painting Atelier – Essential Lessons in Techniques, Practices, and Materials.It is published by Watson Guptill; and Crown Publishing,and costs $35 US or $41 Canada.
It is also available as an ebook. Publication date is April 23, 2013!


  1. Un blog muy interesante.El libro,¿esta editado en Español?

    1. Por lo que yo sé, el libro no va a tener una edición en español. Pero voy a consultar a los editores con respecto a sus planes para el futuro cuando se reanuden negocio después del Año Nuevo.