Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pitcher picture 3

This is really a very poor photograph - the auto setting on my camera simply cannot deal with the range of contrast between the background and the subject. However, here is the final image. Note the found edges on the right, where the light comes from, and the lost edges on the left.
The main change from the last image is of course, the dark background mix of Sennelier dark green  - 179 - dark blue and brown. I have tightened up the lettering on the brushes, and added some colour notes on the pitcher - mainly shades and tints of olive green and gold ochre. Little dots of light and dark gray for the "distressed" areas of verdigris to finish. And finally some Schminke greys for the foreground and middleground - these are labelled neutral, but I find a distinctly brown tendency in them.

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